Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Cancer has lost. It’s not number one in the fear category anymore. More Americans are afraid of getting Alzheimer’s disease than cancer.

Approximately 15% of the retirement age population has the beginning stages of memory loss or Alzheimer’s. Few people know that in a large portion of the population it’s preventable and even reversible. No one knows exactly what causes Alzheimer’s, but everyone is talking about inflammation. Yes it’s true that inflammation is involved but it’s also the end result of something else. If you make a decision to take care of your brain you may be able to prevent most of it.

Chemicals, sugar, stress and poor nutrition are responsible for most of the inflammation your brain is experiencing. Chemicals include pesticides, flavor enhancers, preservatives, sugar and pharmaceutical drugs. Your brain doesn’t do well on any of them and a daily cocktail mix of them is poison to the brain.

The best thing about all of these chemicals is that they all involve making a choice – you don’t have to be on any of them. The pharmaceuticals you may need as you age can be offset by great nutrition.

Sugar is tough but if you have sugar cravings a good protein breakfast can jumpstart the process of getting off of it. Control your sugar and you can probably control the rest. Aspartame and MSG directly kill neurons in the brain. Both are excitotoxins; meaning they excite your neurons to death. It only takes a few minutes and then the cascade of inflammation takes over.

Poor nutrition adds to your brain inflammation. Your brain loves fat, so makes sure your diet has plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids, coconut MCT’s and cholesterol. Yes, cholesterol is essential for brain communication.

Excessive cortisol from chronic stress accelerates the damage from all of the above. The combination of cortisol and chemicals destroys the hippocampus area of the brain, turning it into a sponge for toxic chemicals. The hippocampus is essential memory and involved in all the processes of accessing and storing information.

So feed your brain and relax. It’s the best advice for keeping your brain active and alive.

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