Benefits of Inner Peace

Everyone is stressed and looking for ways to deal with it. Life has become a constant reaction to our environment instead of what it should be – a dance of participation and responding.

When you respond you’re in control, but when you react you’re being controlled by your environment. This is how most people spend their lives, stuck in survival mode, reacting to one thing after another.

To change your reaction to stress you have to begin with the energetics of your brain. Prolonged stress keeps you in the lower part of your brain, stuck in fight or flight and survival. You need to move up to the frontal lobe where creativity, focus and pleasure reside. Making this switch is what Inner Peace is all about.

Don’t let stress take control of you – take control of your stress.

Inner Peace is our proprietary herbal formula for stress. It establishes proper stress response and changes the energetics of your brain.

Our stress formula calms your nervous system and begins the process of restoring your adrenals. This is essential to recovering from any stressful event. We blend the best five adaptogens in the world with a special mix of Chinese herbs to nurture your adrenals which allows you to take back your life from stress and really start to live.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha …a better choice

If you’re one of our existing customers, you’ve probably noticed that we have switched to a KSM-66 in all of our adaptogenic formulas. After years of using a different brand, we decided to make the switch. I fell in love with KSM-66 the first time I tried it and knew I wanted to feature it in our formulas.

We have found that KSM-66 is a better whole body adaptogen. Great adaptogenic formulas go right to the weakest area of your body and start the process of bringing it into harmony with the rest of your system….KSM-66 enhances Inner Peace’s ability to do this.  It is an upgrade to our already amazing formula and will be a difference that you will notice and appreciate.

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