Conversational Intelligence Intelligent Conversation

Conversational Intelligence/Intelligent Conversation

So which comes first? It almost sounds like the chicken or the egg. I’m doing a little study course on Conversational Intelligence. It’s all about the neurochemistry of conversation. Which type of conversations triggers a lower primitive brain response? Which ones activate higher intelligence and trust?

At the core level I’m discovering that the answer lies in the state of energy of the stressed out brain. Fear and stress change how we interpret reality and it even influences how we talk. When we are releasing cortisol and catecholamines (stress hormones) we shut down the prefrontal cortex and our higher thinking and move right into survival and appeasement.

Our ability to connect is compromised and we rarely listen to what is being said. We are only thinking of our own survival and getting out of the situation. We are not sharing and co-creating just trying instead to survive the day and move on. This doesn’t sound very healthy does it? I use the same analogies when talking about TianChi. Stress drops you down into your lower brain and life seems to only be about surviving and getting yours. It’s a me, me world and you better not get in the way. TianChi’s formula is based on adaptogenic herbs and they are great at opening up the frontal lobe of the brain where creativity and pleasure reside.

Utilizing adaptogenic herbs like reishi, rhodiola, and ashwagandha on a daily basis influences where the energy of your brain resides. You might drop down into a bit of fear with a full blown stress response but adaptogens shorten the lifespan of the full on response and nudge you back to where you belong – the frontal lobe of sharing and co-creation. With long-term use, the days of being stuck in survival mode seem to a thing of the past. You’re more aware of your moods and how your conversation affect other people. Changing the energy of your brain can be transformational.

This what I love about adaptogenic herbs; the ability to transform how you react to life. By seeing things differently your whole life begins to open up and you’re in a position to have a positive experience. This has actually been documented over a thousand years ago by the Taoists who practice tonic herbalism. The First Century philosopher Wang Ch’ung described Taoist practices this way:

“They dose themselves with germ of gold and jade, eat the finest fruit of the purple polypore fungus. By eating what is germinal their bodies are lightened, and so they are capable of spiritual transcendence.”

This is one of my favorite quotes and it changed my life, but of course I had an experience that opened me to the meaning. If you have an idea about what it means please leave a comment below.
-Roger Drummer

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