Cortisol And Stress Reducing Toxic Chemicals

Cortisol and Stress – Reducing Toxic Chemicals Naturally

You probably think I’m going to tell you about all the nasty chemicals in your diet, or maybe the chemicals in your water. Those are dangerous and can wreck your health over time, but I want to talk about something even worse for you. Something that can multiply the effect of all those nasty chemicals you’re exposed to. Something so powerful it can affect every single aspect of your health, including your relationships.

It’s called high cortisol and you probably have it right now. You actually make it yourself, inside your own body, as a defense mechanism against stress. It’s wonderful for surviving a crisis as the burst of cortisol released during fight or flight can be lifesaving. It’s just that the daily chronic stress most of you experience never allows your body to reset and heal. When stress reaches this point it becomes deadly. Chronic disease, premature death and accelerated aging are just a few of things you can look forward to when your body produces too much cortisol.

Excess cortisol has been shown to shorten your telomeres, the caps on the end of your chromosomes. Shortened telomeres equal shortened life span. It also translates into looking much older than your chronological age. Do you want to raise your risk of heart disease five-fold? How about increasing your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and Alzheimer’s? Every chronic disease is accelerated in the presence of elevated cortisol.

Remember those nasty carcinogenic chemicals we mentioned earlier? Chronic stress compromises your liver’s ability to process them before they can do you harm, setting you up for future cancers. So what do you do now? I mean you’re killing yourself with something your body makes daily. Luckily there is an answer and it’s a pretty easy one.

You see, nature already provides us with herbs that work to reduce the very thing we are making too much of so that we can lower or even eliminate our fears about chronic disease. They’re called adaptogenic herbs but I like to call them Nature’s Perfect Food.
Why Nature’s Perfect Food? Because they are the only herbs proven to lower high cortisol. They are the perfect herbs to offset modern living and its partner chronic stress. I know because I’ve been using them myself, and prescribing them to people for twenty years with great success. Adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola, ashwagandha, reishi mushroom and eleuthero. I’ve seen these herbs work their magic in thousands of people. I love them so much I decided to base our formulas for Inner Peace and TianChi on the very same adaptogenic herbs.

I base my formulas on giving you a therapeutic dose. I don’t believe in just having it on the label, it has to be in the amounts that make a difference. Adaptogens have been shown to re-establish the adrenal-brain relationship by lowering cortisol and reducing tension. You’re not only in a better mood, but you can also begin the process of lifting depression and anxiety. Your immune system starts to work the way it is meant to. Yes, all of these things are possible but only if you actually get a therapeutic dose like what you get from Inner Peace and TianChi. I love adaptogenic herbs and I also know that you’ll get results when you use them in the right formulation and dose.

-Roger Drummer

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  1. My husband passed away at the age of 69 from a tick bite. (Babesiosis divergens. He died in just three weeks. The tick infected his lungs. Needless to say he was gone so quickly .ever talked unable to as he was hooked up to more than I could say. We. Never got to talk never said goodbye. Now two years later I am highly stressed and still sad get very little sleep. Need something to help me. Will not take tranquilizers.
    I can was peaceful and happy. Now stressed and sad. Ugh!

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Please email me at my personal email listed here with your phone number and I’ll reach out to you with some advice.


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