Daily Brainwashing

Daily Brainwashing

It is highly important to your health and well being that you participate in brainwashing everyday. You might think I’m talking about TV commercials and politics, because as a nation we are the most heavily programmed citizens in the world. It’s actually illegal in most countries to advertise to children but somehow we allow it here. Believe me – we’ve all got commercials and other nonsense on permanent loops stuck in our brain.

However, the type of brain washing I’m referring to happens when you get deep restorative sleep. It’s the only way your brain can detox and it is essential for long-term health and controlling inflammation. How does this work?

Your brain uses cerebrospinal fluid, clear watery fluid that fills the space between the arachnoid membrane and the pia mater, to wash your brain while you’re sleeping. Approximately four times per night you get a flood of cerebrospinal fluid into the brain to wash out toxins and other accumulations. This keeps your brain in tip-top condition, assuming you’re already keeping it nourished and hydrated. If you know me I’m always talking about stress, brain function, and sleep. Why is that?

It is important to assist the body in rebuilding energy reserves through deep quality sleep. Shutting off the stress response is crucial for restoring your brain and adrenal energy. Your adrenals are the hub for vital energy in the lower half of the body and they determine the vitality of your brain. The most important aspect of building vibrant health lies in restoring the energy centers in the body and brain that influence the stress response and mental clarity.

Sleep and Recover gives your body and brain the best opportunity to restore these vital energy centers. Our formula helps you get a consistent deep sleep which maximizes your body and brain’s potential to maintain and “brainwash” itself -leading to a day filled with energy and productivity.

Roger Drummer

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