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Does Red Wine Grow Telomeres?

I have this conversation quite often. I’m having a glass of red wine and someone brings up the health benefits. They often don’t know what those benefits are but they know they exist. Why is that?

When researchers were trying to figure out the French Paradox they concentrated their attention on the red wine consumption. They found an antioxidant called resveratrol in wine and began intense research. What they found was astounding and so the red wine revolution was underway. Wine sales boomed and have never dropped. It was the single biggest boost to the U.S. wine economy in history.

Resveratrol in its active form, trans-resveratrol, has been shown beneficial to immunity, normalizing blood pressure, preserving cell integrity, protecting your heart and liver, improving insulin sensitivity and inhibiting inflammation. Some researchers feel it will soon be a treatment for cancer, heart disease, and brain disorders. Oh, and did I mention extending human lifespan by 50-75 years?

It does this by influencing your longevity genes, sirtuins, and lengthening telomeres; the cap on the end of your chromosomes that maintain chromosomal integrity. The length of your telomeres can be used for determining your longevity. Shortened telomeres are linked to cellular damage, aging and cancer. Shortened telomeres are associated with a ten times increase in the risk of death from cancer.

What’s the #1 cause of shortened telomeres? Stress! Which brings us back to red wine and resveratrol. Having an occasional glass of red wine is definitely good for stress. I know I feel better when I do it. I just don’t fool myself into thinking its all for my health. I’m concerned about brain health and make a few formulas to promote it. That said alcohol is a known neurotoxin, three glasses of wine a day having been shown to shrink your brain and disrupt hormone function. Resveratrol or not, brain shrinkage is not part of my program. There has to be a better way.

I’m so fascinated by resveratrols effect on brain health, I decided to get it into my diet and into as many people as possible, so I added it to TianChi. In fact, I’ve added the purest, highest potency trans-resveratrol to my drink. One packet of TianChi has the same amount as you might find in 1000 glasses of red wine. Drinking a TianChi every morning is a true way to benefit your brain, heart, liver, sirtuins and telomeres without the added neurotoxins of alcohol.

-Roger Drummer

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