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Gluten, Digestion and Stress = Autoimmune

Autoimmune conditions are on the rise and in the next decade, most of what we classify as chronic disease will be put into the autoimmune category. Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, thyroid issues, and osteoporosis will all be traced back to an immune system that has gone awry. So what’s the common link? Stress and digestion.

Chronic stress locks people into sympathetic nervous system – fight or flight – and when you’re in that mode, 50% of your digestive energy shuts down. Since digestion is not required for short-term survival, the body channels most of it’s energy outward towards the muscles needed for fight or flight. Add in some foods like gluten and this is how undigested particles end up in your blood and cause the immune system to go haywire.

Gluten is especially bad. Close to 100% of the world’s population has a reaction to it. Gluten causes a separation in the lining of the gut, allowing proteins and toxins to slip into your bloodstream causing an immune response. Combine this with chronic stress and you can see why approximately 75% of Americans live with digestive disorders.

Joint pain, headaches, depression, brain fog, arthritis and diabetes can all be tied into food allergies, stress, and digestion. Check your diet for allergens and remove whatever is bothering you before it becomes a huge issue you that can’t treat.

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