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Back when I was just beginning my life as an herbalist, I came across a book titled “All Sickness is Home Sickness” by Dianne M. Connelly.  It described all illness as a signal from nature to come back home to yourself.  It was time to stop paying attention to all the things happening in relation to the outside world and start focusing on the inner “self” who so often gets ignored as we go about making a living and a name for ourselves.

This concept of homesickness has stuck with me for the last 25 years as I’ve made my way through the various stages of my herbal life and now as my focus has shifted to stress and energy. Today I mostly deal with issues concerning burnout and related conditions of stress overload due to work and athletic performance. Adrenal burnout has become so common due to the levels of chronic stress people find themselves under, but the reality hasn’t change one bit—it’s still homesickness.

This is why we make the formulas TianChi and Inner Peace. Relieving stress is so much more than just relaxing, it’s about seeing the bigger picture of any given situation and have an appropriate response that leaves you feeling uplifted and energized instead of depressed and worn out.  It’s all possible with adaptogenic herbs because they don’t just relax your nervous system—they change the energetics of your brain.

Reishi mushroom was an herbal favorite of the Shaolin monks, the originators of Kung Fu. They used it for deeper meditation but also because they knew the concept of building and storing energy was related to having a calm mind and nervous system.

The same concept applies to modern life. We might not all be monk warriors but we go to battle everyday balancing our emotional lives, our dreams and our work. Consuming reishi mushroom is just as important today as it was thousands of years ago and it’s why it is one of the most important aspects of HerbWorks’ formulas.

-Roger Drummer

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