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Podcast HW_09 – The Ultimate Food Fight – Eating to Prevent Cancer…

Too often we break down all foods as being good or bad without going into too much detail. What if you could eat a diet that cut the circulation off to cancer – or made your insulin shots unnecessary?

Most people eat three times a day. Learn how to turn those three meals into three treatments a day of delicious food that starve cancer cells and regulate your blood sugar.

The fight against cancer has finally focused where it should be – at home. Medicine treats sickness but we need to all start practicing wellness at home. As Dr. Li, the original proponent of the anti-angiogenesis diet calls it “Do it yourself” care.
The study of angiogenesis, how tumors need to grow a new blood supply to survive, led to the development of new drugs aimed at shutting down the supply and starving the cancer to death. The drugs aren’t perfect and come with many side effects. This science is in its infancy so surely it will improve over time. But what is so fascinating about Dr. Li is that he recognizes we have to take the fight against cancer to the home front. This has led to the publishing of his list of foods that let you practice angiogenesis at home.

Not surprisingly the list contains real food. Lots of foods we already know benefit our health in many ways yet probably don’t use very often. Berries high in anthocyanin, cruciferous veggies, spices and even soybeans. This can be a prevent diet, a cancer therapy diet or just a great diet to prevent all chronic disease.
Over 90% of all cancer lives off sugar. Cut off the supply and you might kill it or even slow it down. All of these foods could be used in a diet that lowers blood sugar into its healthiest range for cancer and diabetes. The best part of it is that this type of food has everything you need to easily use it as a diet. Lots of fiber, bulk, and flavor.

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