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Insomnia is NOT Your Natural Rhythm

A case may be made that the majority of people in this country have chronic stress syndrome, which means that your body is locked in a 24-hour chronic stress response.

People don’t realize that if they can’t fall asleep, or if they wake up tired, it is probably due to being locked into stress response. If you have too much stress hormone, your body will not enter into its natural phase of shutting down and relaxing.

Your body has a natural rhythm that it has followed since humans began walking the planet, which is being alert during the day and gently winding down with the sun. It’s only within the last 150 years that humans have begun interrupting this cycle.

Artificial light was the first wave of attack on natural living, followed by the modern epidemic of stress. When the two are combined, the body struggles to return to its evolutionary groove. Unfortunately, this situation is promoting the serious abuse of sleeping medications, which contributes to the primary problem – chronic stress.

Lack of sleep is a problem facing most people, with their bodies losing the ability to adapt to daily stress. You have to realize that if you have too much stress hormone and you don’t shut off stress response, your body becomes agitated 24/7. When this happens, your adrenals do not have a chance to repair themselves and they don’t recover from the stress experienced from the previous day.

Your body can’t recover because it has lost its feedback mechanism, which is a signal from your adrenals telling your brain that you are no longer stressed. You wake up tired and your low energy makes you more susceptible to daily stressors.

Even worse, if you don’t fall into a deep sleep, your body misses its ONLY opportunity to heal for the entire day. The first hour and a half of sleep is when your body releases human growth hormone and initiates the healing process. This window of opportunity is crucial to maintaining vibrant health.

If you don’t do something to repair this process, you can be assured that stress will contribute to poor health and play a role in any chronic condition you may experience.

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