Introduction to Chinese Herbology Part 4 of 4

One of the common side effects of weak adrenals is accelerated storage of abdominal fat. The presence of excessive fat around the middle is a tell tale sign of long-term dietary mistakes of too much sugar, food additives and environmental chemicals, all of which weaken adrenal function. This is why adaptogenic herbs have been showing up in dietary formulas, trying to take advantage of the relationship between stress and weight gain.

Rhodiola has been shown to increase the amount of fatty acids released for energy during exercise by 40%. Russian rhodiola research stems from the great Olympic battles with the USA. The athletic competition had an unusual benefit worldwide. We now have access to incredible research on herbal supplements that wouldn’t have been done here in the USA. Adaptogenic herbs show amazing benefits for performance and recovery. However in my opinion it shouldn’t overshadow their most important function – as anti-aging supplements for your brain.

Alzheimers, dementia, and memory loss can often be lumped into one category—premature aging of the brain. Due to a host of factors such as poor nutrition, lack of circulation, inflammation, insulin resistance and chemical toxins; the one thing that makes it all worse is chronic stress. Stress and excessive cortisol turn the hippocampus area of your brain into a sponge for toxic chemicals. The hippocampus is the area responsible for creating and accessing memory. Chronic stress is the trigger that accelerates destroying this crucial area. You must be proactive in dealing with stress. Remember, 80% of your brain is already gone when you start experiencing the symptoms.

Eat well and supplement with some key nutrients to keep your brain nourished and healthy. Real food and omega three fats, proteins and chemical free food give your brain a fighting chance. TianChi specifically feeds your brain what it needs to create calm, clear energy. TianChi is not just for athletes. It’s the best anti-stress, brain formula in the world.

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