Keto Crisis Surviving Holiday

Keto Crisis – Surviving the Holidays

I got a lot of questions about my diet over the holiday. Did I cheat? Did I go off my diet? How could you stand it during the holidays? Well, it was easy actually. I basically ate the same, just more. My basic diet didn’t change that much, but the amount of food did. Lets say I had many more opportunities to eat and so I did. I didn’t vary that much from the types of food I ate though, and so I had very few issues with maintaining ketosis.

I wasn’t trying to be strict and maintain my normal levels anyway. Trying to have a perfect diet makes the holidays too stressful and that’s not the point of Christmas. It’s a time to lighten up and have a little fun connecting with people. That connection is often centered around food so you have to be prepared to go with the flow and accept change. Of course it was easier because I haven’t had sugar cravings for years. Ketosis helps with cravings, but I had gotten sugar out of my system years before going ketogenic. Without sugar cravings, it’s easy to just make the simple choices necessary to eat well and cheat a little. This is how I survived making my legendary chocolate and sweet potato pies without going crazy eating them.

The worst blood readings I had during the holidays was when I got was anxious. Stress will raise your blood sugar level faster than anything. Flooding the body with glucose is the first reaction to any stressor, priming you for fight or flight. My sugar shot up over 110 and my ketones hit a low point. Now 110 may seem low to most diabetics but you have to consider the fact that I’m usually between 70-80, with an occasionally drop to the 60’s.

Of course I’m at home running my own private lab called “Roger’s body” and so I broke out my bottle of Inner Peace. My nervous system righted itself and so did my blood sugar; all because the nervous tension subsided. It is fascinating how these things all work. Blood sugar levels of 60 may scare a lot of people but you have to remember I’m running on fat. I’ve flipped my metabolism from sugar to fat, so 60 just means I’m more efficient at metabolizing fat. If you haven’t made the switch, 60 will throw most people into a panic and they’ll probably feel awful.

The key to all of this is sugar cravings. Eliminate sugar cravings and the rest is easy. As I look back at the last year and a half of eating a ketogenic diet and being in medical ketosis, I realize eliminating sugar craving may be the first step to getting into ketosis and being successful with the program. It only takes a week to do it and if you’re really serious about your health, it’s probably the first step to any successful diet program.

-Roger Drummer

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