Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

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The ketogenic diet for cancer may be the greatest medical discovery of our time. Of course the ketogenic diet isn’t strictly medicine but the combination of ketogenic diet and cancer is magical. Nothing has ever made an impact into healing from cancer as much as the ketogenic diet. What’s the best thing about it? You can do it yourself with a small investment in time and equipment and it complements all cancer treatments.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing chemotherapy or radiation, herbs and nutrition, or just changing your diet. You can affect the outcome in a positive way if you just learn about the ketogenic diet and cancer and apply the principals to your own treatment. The ketogenic diet should be talked about by every oncologist in America. Every person who ever gets cancer should know about this powerful diet.

Doctors should be taking seminars on the ketogenic diet and cancer while every patient should have access to the same. The entire medical system needs to wake up and embrace the power of combining the right medical diet with treatment for this deadly disease. It’s no longer suitable to subject human beings to chemo and radiation without some hope of survival. This is what the ketogenic diet does for you. It gives you hope. Once you realize you can manipulate your own chemistry and remove the food source for all of your cancer cells, you begin to experience real hope in fighting this disease. You begin to realize you are starving the cancer cells to death and there is nothing they can do about it.

-Roger Drummer

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