Ketogenic Yoga

Ketogenic Yoga

It might seem strange to connect the modern day ketogenic diet with something as ancient as yoga. I beg to differ though and find the two go together like bread and butter. Wait a minute, that’s not ketogenic. How about salsa and guacamole? Salsa is very low carb and avocados are considered a perfect food.

The ketogenic diet and yoga is an ideal pairing in a lot of ways. The yoga crowd is usually divided into two groups. Some use it as a spiritual experience and others for exercise and losing weight. Being on a ketogenic diet and burning ketones as your primary fuel can enhance meditation and fat burning – the best of both worlds.

Eating ketogenic means your primary source of calories comes from fat. The goal is to switch your metabolism from a sugar burner to a fat or ketone burner. Ketones are water soluble molecules made by your liver in the breakdown of fatty acids. This job takes place in the liver mitochondria as a survival mechanism to combat starvation. You can stimulate the same process naturally by restricting carbs and raising dietary fat.

Now it might take a few days or weeks to fully get into it and there are some tricks involved in kicking it off. For anyone serious about yoga or losing weight it shouldn’t be too hard an accomplishment.

MCT oil works very well for elevating your blood levels of ketones. MCT or medium chain triglyceride is a refined version of coconut oil. MCT easily converts into ketones and provides your heart and brain with an alternative food source. Combined with intermittent fasting, MCT oil may be your key to a great yoga or meditation experience.

If you’re not familiar with intermittent fasting its where you go for over twelve hours without eating any calories. This puts you into a fasting state and starts the process of burning fat. It’s pretty easy and often just means you don’t eat after 6-7 pm and wait to eat breakfast until 7am the next day. If you’re a yoga person, you’re already thinking this is a no brainer. Who wants to meditate or do yoga with a full stomach?

Waking up to a serving of MCT (along with your daily TianChi) and heading off to yoga clears the mind, provides physical energy and helps the fat burning process. Sitting down to meditate instead? Perfect – the mind clearing you get from MCT oil helps you stay in that meditative state without worrying about getting hungry and missing something. Using MCT oil doesn’t interrupt your fasting state and you’ll be feeling primed for hours afterward.

-Roger Drummer

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  1. Do the net carbs in tianchi prevent the body reaching ketosis, with on average, only 20-40 grams of net carbs per day?

    1. Yes you can use TianChi and be in ketosis. Of course it depends on the rest of your diet, timing and the level of ketosis you’re after. Is it medical ketosis or nutritional?

      I find it easier taken in the afternoon, only because I set my ketosis after an intermittent fast and MCT in the morning. I also put MCT into my TianChi and shake it up.

      Ketosis must be different for everyone because our reactions to foods can be so different. I was in strict medical ketosis for 5 months—meaning my glucose/ketone index was always 1 or below. To know this you have to measure multiple times per day using a meter and blood. I never once counted my carbs or grams of fat. I just ate ketosis foods that were low glycemic and limited protein to 50-60 grams per day. I never ate between 6 pm and 11am.

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