Ketones and Glucose – Monitoring Your Levels on a Ketosis Diet

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Why is this so important?

I’ve already gone through my weight loss phase 43 years ago. I lost 125lbs in 5 months and have pretty much kept it off. In fact I’ve reversed my condition; I’ve gone from fighting to lose weight to fighting to keep it on. I weigh myself now just to make sure I weigh a certain amount and haven’t dropped a few pounds.

There isn’t any magic formula I follow. I eat real, unprocessed food and have lost all sugar cravings. I’ve found that this is the easiest way to maintain my health and weight without counting calories. I’m a foodie so I eat what I love. Since I don’t crave sugar my food choices are easy and if anything I eat too much.

For almost a year now I’ve been following a ketogenic diet. I had been wanting to check it out to see what it was about and I had a health issue arise that fit with the diet, so I took the opportunity to switch and learn something. Ketogenic gets more specific about blood sugar levels and the presence of ketones, types of fats that can be burned for energy.

I was already on a fat based diet, so moving over to this wasn’t very hard. It was really just a few degrees of change. I had already begun the process of regulating my sugar and dealing with most issues that drive it up like chronic stress and lack of sleep. Most researchers will tell you that the highest blood sugar reading they have is after driving to work or other work related stressors that wreck their metabolism.

One of the things you will notice immediately when you switch to a fat based, low carbohydrate diets is an increase in mental clarity and a lowering of stress. Sugar heightens your stress response and ages your brain. I was pleasantly surprised to notice my increased reaction to the adaptogens in Inner Peace when I drastically cut back on sugar.

My recommendation for most people is to try the ketogenic or the Paleo Diet. It’s the easiest to do and has the most immediate benefits because it centers on regulating blood sugar and eating whole food. The two go together since eating whole foods is the easiest way to regulate blood sugar and that is the key to the kingdom of health and longevity.

That was a bold statement I know but it’s the simple truth. Learn to regulate your blood sugar and you will be in the zone and avoid most chronic illness. In fact you might be able to reverse your chronic illness with the same approach. Why is that?

Excess sugar makes you fat. It creates excessive inflammation that damages cellular and mitochondrial membranes, leading to a whole host of diseases including cancer and Alzheimer’s. The rates of obesity, cancer and memory related issues are getting astronomical and the key to reducing it all is regulating blood sugar and eating real food.

I mentioned Paleo but there are many versions of this based on eating whole foods and more fat. If you looked into diets like I do you’d realize that they are really just separated by a few degrees particular restrictions.

Robb Wolf, one of the original Paleo proponents has just written a new book called “Wired to Eat.” I highly recommend it as a common sense approach to eating and taking control of you diet. His approach to simply measuring your blood sugar after eating to see how food affects you and changing your diet accordingly. No longer restricted to diabetics to determine drug use, regular testing can show you exactly how to avoid a few things that may be wrecking your diet and setting you off on the path to chronic illness. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out two or three different foods were the root cause of all that excess weight you have never been able to shed? We live in the information age and finding the right information on food could possibly be life changing.

-Roger Drummer

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  1. I don’t copy & paste. Where can I find the Ketogenic Diet for blood sugar problems?
    Thank you for all you do. Have seen you many times and always love your talks.

  2. Can you tell me more about ketosis and low blood sugar? The last time I attempted this diet I was so out of balance with low blood sugar, shaking and all, that I stopped. I thought it was not good for me with this condition.

    1. Hi Deanna,

      Sounds like you have hypoglycemia. If so the ketogenic diet is probably not for you. At least not the strict medical version of it. Nutritional ketosis is a milder diet based on high fat/low carb similar to a Paleo or the fat based diet offered by Dr Hyman. These diets are a little more liberal on carb consumption from whole foods and veggies.

      If you want to continue trying the ketogenic diet i suggest you find a health practitioner specializing in ketosis to consult with. You can find one at


  3. Hi Roger, can you please tell me if the 8 grams of carbs in Tianchi are total net carbs or are some of the carbs fiber? I need to modify my daily intake of carbs if the 8 grams of carbs in Tianchi are net. Thanks.

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