Missing The Boat On Brain Health

Missing the Boat on Brain Health

All of the experts agree; stress plays a major role in brain health. So you would think they would have a great product to help people deal with it.

Instead, they all roll out the same protocols. Meditation, exercise, and a clean diet are the Big Three. All of these things are great and may impact your stress but none of them will throw the switch on chronic stress. It’s like throwing a drowning person half of a lifesaver; it helps but you’ll eventually drown anyway.

Chronic stress is too ingrained in your body and brain to be wiped out by meditation, exercise and diet. The actual glands in your physical body are locked into a response. You may be anywhere on the spectrum of stress from tension & fatigue to anxiety & panic attacks. In most cases, it calls for a physical substance to change you on a physical level. Your body needs adaptogenic herbs.

I’m lucky that my expertise is in Chinese herbology. I’ve spent decades of trial and error to come up with formulas for stress that actually work. I could easily say it took me over twenty years to make Inner Peace and that is a major reason why it works. I know exactly how your body is going to react to the formula.

Inner Peace protects your brain because lowering stress hormone removes one of the major sources of inflammation in the hippocampus area. Inner peace goes a step further by changing brain coherence, your brains own ability to be in homeostasis. You’re in the flow. A brain that flows through life creates a life that seemingly flows along.

Inner Peace changes you from the inside out. Changing your internal settings allow for real change. Once a healthy stress response is reestablished it makes it easier to handle daily stress. It’s also easier for the Big Three to have a “Big” impact on your life. Everything becomes easier when your body isn’t fighting back, fighting with life itself.

Roger Drummer

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