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Nootropics or Zootropics?

If you follow the field of brain health like I do I’m sure it seems like a never-ending world of discovery. New chemicals are hitting the market along with information stressing the need to consume products for optimal brain performance. It’s all part of the world of nootropics, a word coined to describe nutrients that enhance brain function.

Nootropics have always fascinated me. As you know we make a brain formula here at HerbWorks called TianChi. It’s also for stress. Now why would we combine the two? I’m an herbalist by training and I follow the rule of “do no harm” in everything I do. I look at an issue and try to find the underlying causes and correct them. In reality, most symptoms people experience are caused by missing something. They are either completely deficient or lacking an adequate amount of nutrients to properly function.

If you fall into this category, which the majority of people do, then you can take all the new nootropics you want and you’ll get very little long term benefit. I like to use the term zootropics because it’s become a virtual zoo of semi legal, semi beneficial products with ingredients used to give a quick lift instead of dealing with the real issues.

I originally designed TianChi to help with stress and prevent premature aging of the brain. Stress causes the type of inflammation that destroys the brains memory center. I guess you could say it’s a no-brainer to want to curb that. Premature aging of the brain is usually due to a lack of something essential for brain function or situations of dietary and chemical abuse.

I can’t directly stop you from abusing your brain but I can take care of the rest. I care deeply about making TianChi, the most complete stress and brain essential drink you can take. It not only deals with stress but it covers the most essential nutrients needed for optimum brain health. When you consider that high percentages of Americans are lacking the adequate amounts of choline, methylfolate and methylcobalamin to meet minimum standards of brain health, you begin to see why TianChi has such a powerful effect.

Those three ingredients alone play a huge role in neuron health and regeneration, let alone the speed by which your brain processes information. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a computer from 1995, hooked up to a dial up internet, yet this is the type of brain function most people are limited too due to lack of basic brain needs being met.

TianChi has dozens of other herbs and nutrients to support the daily needs of your brain. The whole formula is based on the idea of brain coherence, meaning putting the brain in a position of clear communication with itself.

I love the idea of nootropics, but unfortunately the vast majority are all hype and very disappointing. If you want to venture out into the world of zootropics be my guest. If you want lasting results, you have to take care of your basic needs first.
-Roger Drummer

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  1. Hah, “zootropics” is such a perfect term. And yeah, it’s a good idea to just stay out of that zoo completely. They don’t even put the animals in cages!

    For real though, research chemicals aren’t really something you should be messing with, if you value your, you know, health and stuff.

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