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Pregnancy and Stress

Chinese tonic herbalism is all about strengthening weaknesses or deficiencies somewhere in the body. Tonic herbs are famous as life promoting, longevity substances and often used as part of the daily diet for these very reasons. There is a long history of using tonic herbs during pregnancy to ensure the health and well being of the mother and the child.

Chinese herbology looks at the body in terms of energetics principals that encompass the organ systems in the body. One such term, Jing, describes the physical manifestation of Life Force in the body and is often referred to as Kidney. The Kidney energy system includes your reproductive system and hormones, the glandular system, your brain, and skeletal system. You can have a positive impact on all of these levels of health by strengthening the Jing/Kidney energy of the body.

Can you think of anyone who might need strengthening more than a pregnant woman? She’s in the process of creating a new life, one that will spend nine months drawing on her Life Force before it begins anew outside the body. The right Kidney tonics can prevent the imbalance of hormones and bone issues often associated with multiple pregnancies. These same issues are also related to postpartum depression. Do you know how they treat that in China? You guessed it – with formulas of herbs to strengthen Kidney energy!

Someone asked if her pregnant daughter could take Inner Peace to help her sleep. She is in her third trimester and it’s the perfect time for taking tonic herbs. Eucommia, cistanche, and epimedium are all great herbs for strengthening the skeletal system. Eucommia is even famous for calming the fetus! Combined with polygonum multiflorum, lycium, and albizzia – the herbs will help to build blood, strengthen bones and calm the heart. The perfect combination for any expectant mother.

Inner Peace is based on adaptogens to calm the nervous system and relieve stress. Recent research shows how elevated cortisol has many profound negative effects on unborn children and even influences their future ability to handle stress. Chinese tonic herbs are most appropriate in the second and third trimester and have a wide range of benefits that may be felt for many years after giving birth.

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