Proactive Immunity

Proactive Immunity

Be proactive with your immune system. Don’t wait for the flu to kick your butt – fight back with herbs! HerbWorks Mushroom Complex is great for immune building and contains antiviral herbs to get you through the season.

The whole country is being affected by the flu. People have died; seemingly healthy people. The majority of those affected are the very young and the old. These are the age groups that always succumb to the flu because of weakened immunity.

One of the biggest problems is that we don’t spend a whole lot of time talking about prevention. Would it ever be possible to admit that people can build stronger immunity through diet, exercise and herbs? As a society are we so worried about the market share of Big Pharma that we can’t bring ourselves to educate the people we feign to care about?

Using natural supplements and food to build the “inner terrain” as they say in Chinese herbology, shouldn’t have to mean turning your back on modern medicine. There are some modern miracles in allopathic medicine. It’s just that none of them exist in the flu vaccination program. Who comes up with this program every year? Are they throwing darts at a board? I’ll be blunt. The whole program lacks intelligence and imagination.

This year, like last year, and every year of the flu shot, they missed it. This year’s shot covers 10% of the people who get the flu. Really? 10%? The strain of flu that is killing people is the H3N2, the deadliest strain of the flu. Year in and year out, it’s this strain that’s most responsible for the deaths from the flu. It was virulent three years ago.

Telling the public one of their great flu vaccines work 10% of the time erodes the public faith. Isn’t this exactly why they attack people who question the validity of vaccines? They do more damage admitting their own lameness than any concerted effort to question vaccines. Every other business on earth has to evolve and get better or they go out of business. Medicine shouldn’t get a free pass. Evolve and excel! The people are counting on you.

Doctors will always tell you there’s nothing that build immunity but there are over 400 papers on PubMed, the governments own medical research website, showing the effect of mushrooms on immune function and in the treatment or prevention of disease. Imagine if you looked into all of the other natural substances on their site.

I’m partial to mushrooms. I not only have a patent for a special growing process for medicinal mushrooms, but I have decades of experience watching them work. It’s simple – people take them and get better. Being well is a complicated process and so is building up your own internal defenses. Knowing that, we combined an antiviral herb with our mushrooms to boost the effects. This interferes with the flu virus changing how it replicates and spreads. It’s one of the things that makes Mushroom Complex special.

Be proactive and build your immune system. It’s never too late to take on the flu. Prevention really is the best medicine.

Roger Drummer

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