Protecting Your Brain 2018

Protecting Your Brain in 2018

It’s the new year and if you’re searching for a New Year’s resolution why not try this one – protect your brain in 2018. It may not sound like a real resolution. You’re not making a huge shift or change. You’re just deciding its time to pay attention to one of the most cherished parts of the human body.

Too often we take it for granted. We use our brain every single moment of our existence and yet we never really think that it won’t be there for us. The memories, the random thoughts, the hodgepodge of random information steadily flowing through our cranium, it never occurs we could ever be without it.

Statistics tell us otherwise. Alzheimer’s has become so common that every family seems to be dealing with it. It’s already become the number one killer in Great Britain. Its number six in America but that may be due to fact that Americans are so good at creating chronic diseases.

So no matter what you resolve to do in 2018, try being a little kinder to your brain. Drink less alcohol. Find alternatives to medication. Sometimes a few changes to your diet can be more helpful than that brain fogging pharmaceutical you rely on. Drink water more often. Dehydration means dry. Dry brains shrivel up and become inflamed. Take adaptogenic herbs. Stress inflames your brain and kills your memory. Adaptogenic herbs lower cortisol, the stress hormone, and promotes brain coherence.

Eat more vegetables more often. It’ll fill you up and keep you from overeating chemical laden junk food. Take more omega 3 fatty acids like DHA which your brain needs to function. DHA is like the oil in your car. It runs even when its low but when it’s at its optimum level, performance goes up and it lasts longer. Take vitamins B12 methylcobalamin, methylfolate, and B6. Your nervous system needs it.

Sleep more, sleep deeply, and don’t feel bad about it. Most of all make a commitment to take care of yourself. Caring for your self is the ultimate form of self-love. If you think about doing all of the above as a form of self-love, it becomes much easier.

-Roger Drummer

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