Better Than Organic

Of the highest quality

You can rest assured that every herb and nutrient that we formulate with are of the highest quality.  All of the herbs at HerbWorks are wildcrafted or organic, non-GMO, Kosher Certified, non-irradiated and pesticide free.  They are extracted with purified water and test free of alcohol and heavy metals.

Superior healing properties

In Chinese herbology, herbs that are wildcrafted are cherished for their superior healing properties.

Wildcrafting is the gathering of plants from their native “wild” environment.

Wildcrafted plants are more strongly imbued with the power of nature and are more effective agents in promoting health.  Science has confirmed this for many plant species.

Put simply, when a plant has to contend with the environment of living in the wild, the effort expended for survival is greater than for those plants pampered in cultivation.  When a plant has to strive to survive, it adapts, producing a great abundance of constituents that enable such survival.

Extracted at their natural energetic strength

We take pride in using the highest quality adaptogens extracted at their natural energetic strength. In fact, we have several of our herbs extracted to our specifications as they cannot be readily purchased in the marketplace. This is truly what makes our formulas so effective.

Most adaptogens purchased in today’s market are standardized 5:1 extract; meaning that it takes five pounds of herb to make one pound of extract. This is not always effective as some herbs may have to extract out at 10:1 in order to gain their natural energetic strength.

We have adaptogens in our formulas that extract out at 20:1 and even 45:1 making sure we are providing you herbs with the best energetic potential.