Raising Testosterone with the Ketogenic Diet

Most men develop low testosterone as they age and the decline of this beneficial hormone affects much more than just sex drive. Testosterone is beneficial for brain and heart health. Being one of your primary hormones, it affects just about every aspect of your health.

The idea of low testosterone prompts most men to seek out supplements to correct or enhance their testosterone levels. Most products on the market are low quality at best and formulated poorly. Boosting sexual energy and testosterone isn’t about stimulation; it’s about restoration. The best formulas build up the reproductive system and work best with a change of diet – such as the Ketogenic Diet.

Food is crucial to the program with beneficial fat at the top of the list. You need good fat to build hormones and without it your body just can’t produce. Look at adding avocado, coconut oil, raw nuts and olive oil to your diet. Soft yolk eggs are awesome brain and sex foods. Combining some adaptogenic herbs for calming your nervous system will make the whole job of rebuilding much easier.

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