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When I became an herbalist I was fascinated by the idea of Fu Zheng therapy. The main idea behind Fu Zheng is that along with treatment for a radical medical issue, you must support the person’s life-force or they might not be able to survive long enough for that treatment to work.

I see this happening in our current medical system. Most people who die from cancer actually die from the side effects of the treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy destroy your immune system. Radiation in particular may wipe out any hope of ever recovering full use of whatever body part it was focused on. This can be particularly frightening when that body part is your brain.

The Chinese have long been enamored with western medicine and have adopted most of the protocols for treating cancer. They also held onto Fu Zheng therapy as an adjunct for cancer treatment. The idea of supporting a person’s health is deeply engrained in their beliefs and rightly so. How can a person survive such a radical assault as cancer by just applying another radical assault?

I was researching Reishi mushroom recently and was amazed by the amount of medical research published that points out its benefits in Fu Zheng therapy. Resihi can help with lupus, hepatitis, inhibits tumors, reduces liver fibrosis, protects dopamine, offsets radiation poisoning, detoxifies drug residue from the liver, and can even protect against chemo fatigue.

These are all amazing benefits and yet none of them are why I use Reishi everyday and why it’s the main herb in our formulas for Inner Peace and TianChi. I use Reishi mushroom because it calms the nervous system, regulates the stress response and opens up the frontal lobe of the brain. It puts you in a position to be more loving, creative and handle stress more efficiently.

Reishi opens up your energy body to be more receptive and see the big picture. Life may become more about possibilities than simple reactions. It changed my life and is responsible for my decision to be an herbalist. Twenty-seven years ago I had a Reishi experience and my life will never be the same.

Learn more about Roger’s first Resihi Experience in the video below!

-Roger Drummer

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  1. Hi Roger,

    You use two different trademarked Ashwagandha’s in both Inner Peace and TiaChi. Is there a reason for instance you have Sensoril in Inner Peace and KSM-66 in TianChi? Could you give me a quick contrast between the two, and why you chose the one for each formula?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Andy,

      We started out using Sensoril in both our products. I decided to make the switch because I felt KSM-66 worked better as an overall brain and body tonic. It is also made as a traditional extract using only the roots.

      Sensoril is a fine product. In my own sampling of it I find it works more exclusively in the brain. KSM-66 seems to work better on the whole glandular system.

      When our new batch of Inner Peace arrives in a few weeks, it will have KSM-66 in it also.


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