Sleep And Recover Capsules

Sleep and Recover™ is a natural non-habit forming supplement designed to help you:

  • Fall Asleep
  • Stay Asleep
  • Wake Up Refreshed

With deep restful SLEEPyour body creates
the opportunity to RECOVER its vital energy.

The first hours of sleep are crucial

Sleep and Recover is designed to help you fall asleep naturally and release human growth hormone to maximize the body’s potential to restore and repair.  The first hour and a half of sleep is when your body releases this growth hormone and initiates the restorative process.  This small window of opportunity is crucial for maintaining vibrant health.  When you don’t fall into a deep sleep, your body misses its ONLY opportunity to heal for the entire day.

Lack of sleep is a problem that most people face in today’s modern world. This causes your body to lose its ability to adapt to daily stress and to lose energy.

Sleep and Recover™ solves this problem by blending the most effective adaptogens along with three important herbs of traditional western herbalism – valerian, passion flower and chamomile. These herbs have been used successfully for centuries to combat insomnia and anxiety.  Combined with our proprietary blend, you can begin to say goodbye to sleepless nights and tired mornings.

Sleep throughout the night

Sleep and Recover™ contains herbs that help you fall asleep faster, and our proprietary blend helps shut off the stress response keeping you asleep all night long, allowing  you to wake up feeling refreshed.

The adaptogens in Sleep and Recover™ are perfect food for your glandular system, your body’s own system of self regulation or homeostasis. This is the key to shutting off the stress response, which allows you to drop into the deep restorative sleep your body needs for healthy adrenal function. By shutting off the stress response while you sleep, your body has a chance to fully relax and allow your adrenals to build real energy.

Restore your vital energy centers

Vibrant health depends on meeting the demands of modern living. Sleep and Recover™ recognizes the need to go beyond just falling asleep and looks into the deeper issue of restoring the body’s energy reserves necessary for health and longevity.

Sleep and Recover™ recognizes the importance of assisting the body in rebuilding energy reserves through deep quality sleep. Shutting off the stress response is crucial for restoring your brain and adrenal energy. When you have a good night’s sleep it’s easier for your brain to stay centered in the frontal lobe, the area where creativity and fun reside.

Your adrenals are the hub for vital energy in the lower half of the body and they determine the vitality of your brain. The most important aspect of building vibrant health lies in restoring the energy centers in the body and brain that influence the stress response and mental clarity.

With deep restful sleep, you are giving your body and brain the best opportunity to restore these vital energy centers.

Wake up refreshed

Consistent deep sleep maximizes your body and brain’s potential to maintain and repair itself, leading to a day filled with energy and productivity.

The dual action of helping you fall asleep and then shutting off your stress response is a revolutionary concept in the world of sleep supplements. This concept of restoring energy and building reserves is a central concept with all of our products at HerbWorks.

You can feel confident that Sleep and Recover™ will start the process of waking up to a new you…. one that feels refreshed and ready to take on your day in a positive way.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of purchasing Sleep and Recover™, return it and we will give you a full refund excluding shipping – no questions asked.