Stevia and Blood Sugar

Stevia is an amazing herb. In its original form, a 4:1 extract, it functions as a sweetener and a blood building, sugar regulating herb. 4 to 1 means it takes four pounds of herb to make one pound of extract. This original extract of stevia was a brown molasses-like liquid. Today, most stevia you see is sold as a clear liquid or white powder. It’s highly concentrated and sweet. The molasses flavor is gone along with its herbal properties.

The search is on for a magic non-calorie sweetener and stevia may be the best. Sugar addiction drives the obesity and diabetes epidemic, which drives the market for non-calorie sweeteners. The artificial ones on the market all come with side effects yet they dominate the market.

Part of the reason for this is that stevia was banned when it first hit the market. Coincidentally this happened the same week aspartame hit the market. Aspartame went on to become the worlds best selling non-calorie sweetener despite being linked to brain damage, obesity and cancer – and it is responsible for more consumer complaints than any other product in history.

This shows you how strong the drive for sweet taste is in America. Addictions are famous for allowing you to gloss over potential problems to fill your need for a fix.

Stevia is now available mixed with other sweeteners that take the guessing out of how to use it. These are best for transitioning out of relying on sugar. The best thing to do is deal with your sugar addiction but stevia is the best sweetener for dealing with your sweet tooth until you can manage to end the cravings altogether.

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