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Stress is the #1 Cause of Losing Homeostasis

Do you know how intelligent your body actually is?

The fact is, your body has this amazing internal regulating energy and a “life force” capable of healing most anything…only if it’s ALLOWED to work!

This regulating energy is called homeostasis. Your body has the natural ability to regulate itself to keep you healthy. Every cell in your entire being is always trying to move toward a perfect state of health.

So what prevents this from happening? STRESS! This includes:

• Emotional Stress
• Nutritional Stress
• Environmental Stress

Stress is the #1 cause of loss of homeostasis. The governing mechanisms in your body in charge of homeostasis are also directly involved in the stress response.

The higher your levels of stress, the more energy your body exerts to regulate itself, and the less energy you have available for staying healthy.

Homeostasis is adjusting every cell in your body, at all times, to keep you as healthy as possible at any given moment. Homeostasis is only concerned about the present moment; it will pull from currently available nutrients in an effort to keep you in a state of balance.

For example, drinking soda which is very acidic – is buffered by stealing minerals from your skeletal system. Over time, this may contribute to osteoporosis. By putting something in your body that shouldn’t be there, the body has to compensate for it to keep you balanced. This makes your body work harder to keep you healthy.

Eventually, the system breaks down, and in the case of the human body, we see the development of chronic disease.

Most of this additional cellular stress comes in the form of added inflammation, a major cause of disease. Because of poor nutrition, your body then requires even more nutrients to deal with it. This is in addition to the added inflammation already being caused by your emotional stress. This is how things begin to spiral out of control.

You have to realize that if you don’t supplement and feed your body properly, homeostasis will work overtime trying to regulate the different processes in your system to make up for the lack of proper nutrients needed to do the job in the first place.

This is the process that leads to all chronic disease.

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