Handle life more effectively

Low energy is your body’s response to stress.  This is typical for the average person in today’s modern society.  If you are an average person, you experience stressful situations multiple times a day…

  • stuck in traffic
  • kids screaming
  • work overload
  • running late
  • financial worries
  • sleep deprived
  • brain fog

Everyone encounters stressful situations on a daily basis…some mild, some extreme.  However, the state of energy you are in at any particular moment determines how you handle a stressful situation.

Because we are always on the go, our body’s never really have a chance to recover before it encounters another stressor.  It may seam insignificant, but if you allow yourself to be continually bombarded with constant daily stressors without letting your body recover, you WILL get locked into chronic stress!

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It’s all about the HPA axis

Relaxing is only part of the process.  Being overwhelmed in situations and simply trying to avoid them can be just as much of a stressor and create lack of energy…especially brain fog.

In order to overcome stress and allow your body and brain to perform at its best, you must address the root cause.

Depending on how quick you enter into a stress response, recover from it and return to normal functioning are all dependent upon the state of your HPA-axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis).  The HPA axis is what rules your internal regulating energy; homeostasis, and goes into action every single moment you experience a stressor.

If you are constantly aware of how you take care of your body and don’t allow the energetic state of your HPA axis to be thrown into a state of chaos, you will have a much better chance of recovering quickly form any stressful situation.

Fine tuning your stress response

Adaptogens are nature’s perfect answer to our present day stress crisis.   This small class of herbs are the ONLY substances that have a direct effect on your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal complex and the human stress response.  They directly feed the glands involved in the stress response, allowing your body to have the best chance to recover quickly with minimal damage.

By reducing stress hormone, you are helping to remove a chemical responsible for excessive inflammation and loss of homeostasis.  Elevated stress hormone increases inflammation, which can lead to the worsening of most chronic conditions.  Adaptogens make it easier for the body to maintain its proper resting state or homeostasis, and places the body in a position to heal itself.

When you take specific adaptogenic herbs every day, you can fine tune your own stress response and make sure that all the glands involved stay healthy.  Your body and brain will have the energy it needs to move in and out of stress in a normal flow and not get locked into “fight or flight”.