Superior Herbs Chronic Fatigue

Superior Herbs for Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue was and still is one of the greatest lessons of my life. Without that experience I never may have examined my life and changed. As Plato once said “the unexamined life is not worth living.” I’m living proof of that. Without chronic fatigue I may never have discovered Chinese herbology and learned the system that changed my mindset about health. I never would have become so passionate about herbs which led me to create TianChi.

I was one of those people who bought into the idea that chronic fatigue was related to a virus, in this case Epstein bar. If over 70% of the population carries the virus and less than 1% get chronic fatigue, then there’s something missing from this equation. Without learning about the classes of herbs – superior, general and inferior – I never would have known the possibilities available to me. I would’ve just gone on thinking about things to kill my virus, hoping to experience a miraculous recovery from all my woes. If only life was that simple.

It looks so easy now. I was always on the attack, going after a hidden invader. I never took anything outside of food that was designed to rebuild my system. Food failed me. I was too tired to make use of all the great food I was eating. I didn’t have the energy – the digestive fire to turn it into energy.
Inferior herbs are like medicine and commonly referred to as poisons. Obviously, you would use a poison to kill something. I missed the fact that I was worn out and needed to focus on that.

Superior herbs strengthen a weakness or deficiency somewhere in the body. The focus is in regeneration. I needed to raise my vitality, and my ability to make and store energy. It was when I made the switch to building as opposed to killing, that I began to crawl out of my chronic fatigue. The effects didn’t stop there. I began learning about stress, nervous system disorders and realized the number one cause of my chronic fatigue was me. When I began examining my life I didn’t like what I saw – so I changed it.

I still follow this program of using superior herbs to build up my system. It’s a superior form of healthcare to always be striving toward a higher state of health as opposed to waiting until something happens to you and try to kill it off. All the products that we make at HerbWorks are based on the idea of using superior herbs to rebuild the system.

We hear about stress all the time as being the number one cause of disease, and yet everybody focuses on just relaxing to reduce stress. They miss the point about the fact that stress wears you out and once you become exhausted it’s easier to overreact to the next stressor. That’s why our formulas Inner Peace, TianChi and the new Sleep and Recover, all have herbs to restore glandular energy and start the process of regeneration.

-Roger Drummer

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