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Testimonial – Brad Snow

I’d like to share my beneficial experiences with Inner Peace. I may have a positive perspective on your product that no one has mentioned.

It is inspiring to me to read about the benefits of the adaptogenic herbs and I very much wanted to reap their benefits. I have experimented with herbs from several different companies and have basically felt nothing.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast between triathlete Ben Greenfield and Roger Drummer. Ben Greenfield is one of my “go to” sources for health info because of his holistic and open-minded approach on getting results, so I usually listen carefully to his advise and recommendations. It was a great interview and Ben raved about the formulas from HerbWorks. One of the topics that made me think twice was the comment that many herbs that are sold from other companies may have been laying around in a warehouse somewhere in China for over 5 years!

I took three capsules of Inner Peace an hour or so before dinner and for the first time in years, I slept straight through the night and awoke completely refreshed! It had been so long since I had slept that well, I forgot what it was like to truly feel good.

My two biggest reasons for wanting to take herbs is to feel less anxiety and to sleep better. Inner Peace seemed like a perfect choice for this. I was pleasantly surprised!

Something even more surprising happened to me. Because of the anxiety I usually feel, I had gotten into a bad habit of taking prescription anxiety medication and had been taking them daily for 6 months. I knew in my heart I needed to knock this junk out of my life, and had plans to do so, but they are highly addictive.

The bonus I experienced from taking Inner Peace was this – after my amazingly refreshing great nights sleep, I had no desire take any more anxiety medication. I thought later in the day I might want to take one, but I simply took three Inner Peace capsules instead, and this helped to make me feel mellow.

Once again I had a great nights sleep and the desire to take any medication¬†seemed to simply drop away! It’s been over two weeks now and the desire to take them is gone which to me is nothing less than miraculous!!!

I had taken adaptogens from many different companies with no results…until now! Roger Drummer is truly a master herbalist¬†and seems to exude an aura of calm energy and trust when one listens to him or watches his videos.

I am so grateful I have found your company and products! You have changed my life for the better!

In gratitude,
Brad Snow

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