mark-giacosePersonally, I wouldn’t want to live without it

TianChi is one of the greatest additions to my 40 years of nutritional supplementation. I’ve never come across such a unique product as this one. TianChi gives me a greater sense of well being and happiness towards my life and daily encounters. The experience is much more “spiritual and emotional” rather than physical, although the energy I get keeps me going all day.

It alleviates so much stress from my day as it affects my ability to cope with stress and deal more calmly with situations due to its support of the adrenal glands and their attempt to stay out of “fight or flight” mode. With the increase in social and economic stress facing us as on a daily basis, I highly recommend TianChi to keep you in an enlightened state. Personally, I wouldn’t want to live without it.

Mark Giacose
Nutritionist & Life Coach

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