I awoke completely refreshed!

I took three capsules of Inner Peace an hour or so before dinner and for the first time in years, I slept straight through the night and awoke completely refreshed! It had been so long since I had slept that well, I forgot what it was like to truly feel good.

My two biggest reasons for wanting to take herbs is to feel less anxiety and to sleep better. Inner Peace seemed like a perfect choice for this. I was pleasantly surprised! Read more…

Brad Snow

Adrenals are doing well under stress

Jennifer G.
Indianapolis, IN


TianChi and Inner Peace help me maintain a clear mind

After contracting Epstein Barr Virus while racing professionally, I was looking for something to help me recover. I heard about TianChi and decided to try it. Within 2 weeks I had more energy and was feeing better. Read More…

Kristin McGrath

My nervous system is much more balanced

TianChi and Inner Peace really work. I have tried all types of supplements and with most I never noticed any difference, but with these I really feel notably much calmer and with very little stress response.

I monitor my HRV and sympathetic – parasympathetic activity with the Sweetbeat App and I can see that my nervous system is much more balanced than before.

Octavio F.
Miami, FL

Balances my chakras

I just wanted to let you know that I am loving Inner Peace and TianChi. They are amazing products! I am very excited about them – and even more excited about how many people they are going to help. I can literally feel my chakras coming back into balance and I am sleeping so much better. 🙂

Dana R.
Woodstock, GA


Helps with insomnia

We are so amazed with Inner Peace!!! I am sleeping like never before. My dad who always had insomnia is now using it, and sleeps throughout the night!

Michi K.

Keeps me alert, calm, and focused

I have ordered once before and can only order a little at a time as I am unemployed. I find that your product works very well – especially when I am interviewing!

TianChi keeps me alert, calm and focused as interviewing and job searching can be really stressful at times. I also use Inner Peace to help me sleep at night. I am grateful to my friend and colleague for recommending it to me.

Michele K.
Long Beach, CA


Cope with mental and physical stress

I just love both TianChi and Inner Peace! They allow me to cope with the mental and physical stress of being a professional athlete.  I also like the fact that they help me to stay focused with my business and raising my children.

My main goal is to make the podium in Adventure racing World Champs in Australia with my Thule Adventure Team. TianChi and Inner Peace are key in helping me to achieve my goals.

Clas Bjorling


My daughter is now cheerful, happy and a joy to be around

I’ve been giving Inner Peace to my 9 year old for about 1 month. She had been having issues with controlling her anger and everything upset her.

I give her 1 pill in the morning and she is back to herself – Cheerful, happy, and just a joy to be around. She is much more agreeable and focused. Family members have also commented on her ability to stop herself before she overreacts. Thank you HerbWorks!

Katie A.
St.Peters, MO