An investment in my well being

What can I say…TianChi is awesome. Although it is a little pricey, it is an investment in my well being and you can’t put a price on that. I’ve noticed a difference in my energy and focus – most importantly the balance I’ve received. I’m not using coffee to get me going in the morning or alcohol to reduce stress or even a pill to get me to sleep. I don’t need them and don’t even think of them!

Incorporating this with my yoga practice – who needs a crutch to get through the day? My mother in law recently asked me to join her in a glass of wine and I passed! It really didn’t sound that appealing and I knew that if I had some, I wouldn’t sleep well, which would interfere with my practice in the morning. I’m very proud of myself!

Susan M.
Findlay, OH


I will be using TianChi for years to come

My friend exclaimed one day, “You should try this, I can’t explain the feeling. I just feel really good.” After I tried a packet, I felt calm and clear minded through the rest of the day. It was a clean, calm energy I hadn’t felt before. My curiosity lead me towards… Read more…

Brandy Schlick
Triathlete/Fitness Trainer


Helped me regain adrenal strength

For many years I have been a high performance athlete. I love to bike, run, swim, and climb mountains. Unfortunately, about two years ago I was diagnosed with adrenal failure and was faced with slowing my pace and improving my nutrition. Read more…

Katherine Meadowcroft


Secret weapon in my daily wellness arsenal

I still remember the first day I tried TianChi. It was like having a flat tire, not realizing it, and then having someone fill it up. Less than 30 minutes after taking it, you can start to feel its effects. I started feeling new thoughts come into my mind, clearer concepts taking shape, and a definite improvement in recall.

TianChi is a vital part of my Daily Practice every morning before I write my Morning Pages, and I recommend you make it a part of yours as well.



My mind woke up

I’m an attorney and work long hours, interact with lots of people over heavy issues, draft lots of documents, and prepare for trials. All of us try different supplements all the time. I tried just one packet the day before a trial and it was as if my mind woke up!

I was focused and clear and won the next morning! My friend gave me some extra packets and I’m treating them like gold so I figured it was time to take the plunge and buy them. Thank you!

Janee G.
Ashville, NC

Adrenals are doing well under stress

Jennifer G.
Indianapolis, IN


TianChi gives me energy in a good, even way



TianChi and Inner Peace help me maintain a clear mind

After contracting Epstein Barr Virus while racing professionally, I was looking for something to help me recover. I heard about TianChi and decided to try it. Within 2 weeks I had more energy and was feeing better. Read More…

Kristin McGrath

I recommend TianChi to all of my clients

Doc Edwards


Boosts my energy and focus

Over the last 8 months I have cleaned up my diet and continue to focus on my health. Even with these changes, TianChi is the only product to dramatically boost my energy and focus everyday without feeling jittery. I love TianChi!

Grant Pendrey
Indiana University

Mother of three

Henderson, NV