71 years young

I have been using TianChi for lunch with a few almonds. When I am bicycle riding on longer rides, 50-80 miles, I have one bottle with TianChi that I sip along the way along with water in my other bottle.

I am now about two years into LCHF type diet so TianChi is really nice for the longer rides. I’m 71 years of age and still working in my private office every day as a Physical Therapist and riding my bicycle 200 miles per week. I really enjoy TianChi!

Alan Trammell
Physical Therapist

My nervous system is much more balanced

TianChi and Inner Peace really work. I have tried all types of supplements and with most I never noticed any difference, but with these I really feel notably much calmer and with very little stress response.

I monitor my HRV and sympathetic – parasympathetic activity with the Sweetbeat App and I can see that my nervous system is much more balanced than before.

Octavio F.
Miami, FL


Looking for something natural

I’ve basically had ADD & trouble sleeping for most of my life. I’m pretty healthy. I exercise regularly and eat well. I’ve used meds for the last 10 years and have always known I needed to eventually break the habit.

I knew that to do so, I’d need something natural that might partially compensate. I’m happy to report that TianChi happens to be that thing. IT’S HUGE!. I really look forward to drinking it every AM to start my day!

Tom E.


I will definitely be ordering again

I’ve been using the TianChi for 6 days now and will definitely be reordering. The first day, I definitely felt the high energy kick which made me feel like I could run a small marathon without the necessary training 🙂

Starting on the 3rd day I felt more accustomed to the energy kick and it makes me feel more physical and mental stamina, as well as the ability to cope better with any stress that might pop up at any given time during the day.

Bronx, NY


TianChi has given me hope

In May of 2012, I was exposed to high levels of toxic fumes and ended up in the emergency room. I have lost complete blocks of memory and have complications that have forced me to reevaluate life.

I recently ordered TianChi and was completely amazed. I’m able to speak better and recall memories that I didn’t even know were there. I know that I will never fully recover, however, TianChi has given me hope and has helped me focus and function much better since the accident. Thank you HerbWorks.

Mark B.
Chambersburg, PA

Balances my chakras

I just wanted to let you know that I am loving Inner Peace and TianChi. They are amazing products! I am very excited about them – and even more excited about how many people they are going to help. I can literally feel my chakras coming back into balance and I am sleeping so much better. 🙂

Dana R.
Woodstock, GA

Keeps me alert, calm, and focused

I have ordered once before and can only order a little at a time as I am unemployed. I find that your product works very well – especially when I am interviewing!

TianChi keeps me alert, calm and focused as interviewing and job searching can be really stressful at times. I also use Inner Peace to help me sleep at night. I am grateful to my friend and colleague for recommending it to me.

Michele K.
Long Beach, CA


I never want to run out again

My regular shipment did not arrive before I ran out of my newly beloved TianChi. Two days now without it…I now realize I need to have a back-up box on hand so I’m never caught short again!!

Cheryl F.
Waynesville, OH


I haven’t felt this good in 10 years

I’m on my 6th packet of TianChi and I have to admit I haven’t felt this good in at least 10 years. I’m always trying new supplements and never seem to notice a difference until now. I am looking forward to continuing this new “feeling alive” experience.

Luise P.
Vancouver, WA


Clarity of mind

Thank you for such an amazing product. I shared TianChi with my dad over the summer when he came to visit and he loved it! It has been years since I have seen him with such a clear mind!

My dad has been suffering from seizures for over 10 years after a car accident and has been on seizure medication since then.  The meds make him sleepy and he needs to take several naps throughout the day. Prior to TianChi he was always foggy, but now thanks to your awesome product, he has clarity of mind and feels great!

Libby D.
Orem, UT


Cope with mental and physical stress

I just love both TianChi and Inner Peace! They allow me to cope with the mental and physical stress of being a professional athlete.  I also like the fact that they help me to stay focused with my business and raising my children.

My main goal is to make the podium in Adventure racing World Champs in Australia with my Thule Adventure Team. TianChi and Inner Peace are key in helping me to achieve my goals.

Clas Bjorling


I actually stopped craving coffee

I’ve been drinking TianChi daily for over six months now and can’t imagine starting the day without it.  Believe it or not, I actually stopped craving coffee. The effects are dramatic and instant.

TianChi has a wonderful way of awakening my senses with a gentle ease. I notice my thoughts become clear, and an overall positive feeling arises with the alertness. TianChi  always gives me a new clarity for problem solving, creativity, and provides a heightened awareness.

Phil Nadeau
Business Owner