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The Curse of Modern Living

Everyone encounters stressful situations – some mild and some extreme. The state of energy you are in at a particular moment determines how you handle a stressful situation. How quickly you have a stress response, recover from it and return to normal functioning, are all dependent upon your HPA axis (Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal).

The part of your brain wired for stress response is a million years old. The stress response, or “fight or flight”, is part of the hardware we all inherit through evolution. It is wired into a part of your glandular system called the HPA axis.

The HPA axis is what rules your internal regulating energy (homeostasis), and goes into action every single moment you experience a stressor. It may be emotional, nutritional or environmental.

If you are an average person, you are experiencing stressful situations multiple times a day (for example – being stuck in traffic, kids screaming, work overload, running late, feeling tired, financial worries or even watching an action movie). Your body never really has a chance to recover before it encounters another stressor.

After 30 days of being bombarded with constant stressors without letting your body recover, you WILL get locked into chronic stress!!! However, you can balance all of this with a high quality blend of adaptogenic herbs that will allow the HPA axis to function properly.

If you are constantly aware of how you take care of your body and don’t allow the energetic state of your HPA axis to be thrown into a state of chaos, you will have a much better chance of recovering quickly from any stressful situation.

The goal is to allow your body to be in a balanced state to minimize the negative effects of stress.

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