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The Standard American Diet Accelerates the Damage

When you factor in all of the negative aspects related to stress and excessive levels of stress hormone, you begin to realize how stress can destroy your health. It can get worse, however, simply as a result of what you eat.

There is something we all tend to succumb to during times of stress, which makes everything I’ve discussed much worse. It’s called the Standard American Diet (SAD). SAD accelerates the damage. The combination of poor diet and stress is similar to adding gasoline to a fire.

At any given moment in the USA, 80 million people are ‘dieting’. There are more diets than models of cars, and the average dieter will try dozens of them. Much of the weight lost in a diet typically returns in a few months, and then the cycle begins again. Why? It’s because diets miss an important point.

You have to understand the reason that most people are overweight is typically due to a poor diet, which is loaded with sugar and lacks nutrition. Eating less to lose weight does not really make you healthier. As soon as you get tired of restricting your calories, the weight returns.

Every time you eat, you are either adding to, or subtracting from your “Life Force”. Once you accept the idea that your diet is something that makes you thrive, and not just stay alive, you start to focus on nutrition. Eating nutritious food is not a diet, however, it is a lifestyle. Eating is simply the act of nourishing your cells. If you are not accomplishing this, then you are doing something negative to your body. If you are not properly nourishing your body, you are making it harder for your body to perform, and adding to your inflammation.

You need to be aware of one of the biggest killers in America today, which is refined sugar. In the midst of excessive inflammation, it is extremely harmful to your brain. Sugar itself is toxic, which is odd because sugar is one of the fuels for your brain. Excessive sugar (refined sugar) is a common problem because the Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates.

When your brain is constantly exposed to excessive sugar, it causes something called accelerated glycation end product, or AGE. This is a very long name addressing the simple idea that excessive sugar causes proteins in your brain to become burnt, similar to overcooked fat on a beef roast in the oven. The proteins burn, stick together and then cease to function. When this is happening in your brain, the added burden of excessive stress hormone accelerates the inflammation and damage.

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