TianChi and Multivitamins

If I take TianChi do I need a multivitamin? It all depends on your exact diet or levels of physical and mental stress. TianChi has a great mix of the best B vitamins needed for your brain and nervous system health. Combined with proprietary mix of nutraceuticals for brain energy – it’s pretty close to a multivitamin in and of itself.

In Chinese herbology, a good mix of tonic herbs is often looked at in the same light as a multivitamin. Tonic herbs are perfect foods for the health of your internal organs and gland. In western nutrition tonic herbs would fall into the category of super foods – highly concentrated, nutrient dense plants full of unique antioxidants and minerals. From a western nutrition point of view TianChi could be considered a B complex mixed with an awesome blend of super foods for every aspect of your health. Sounds good to me!

I personally take a few extra products myself since TianChi does not have fat-soluble nutrients like omega-three’s or Vitamin A. So it’s best to look at your own diet and see what you need to add to complete your own program. We formulated TianChi to be the best stand alone anti-stress & energy drink in the world. It would be impossible to meet every single nutritional need with one drink…but we’re close!

-Roger Drummer

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