To B Or Not To B Are You Deficient

To B or Not to B – Are You Deficient?

B12 is meaningless to most people but if you don’t get it, especially in the right form, your brain and nervous system will suffer. You could even believe you’re going crazy or losing your memory – all because of a vitamin so small, a serving sits on the head of a pin.

B12 deficiency is so common that over 120 million people in the US are low, with over 40% of the population extremely deficient. Why should this mean anything to you? Because you may be trying to figure out why you have brain fog or low energy or anemia, lightheadedness or even can’t find your car keys. You might think you’re getting old or falling apart and it could be a simple deficiency of something as small as the period at the end of this sentence.

Just in case you didn’t read the label on your new box of TianChi, we have added the perfect dose of B12 to each packet of your favorite brain and energy supplement. Now, why did we do that?

We care about your brain and I know most of you do too. Since most people don’t get enough of it in the right form – the methylated form, we use Methylcobalamin to ensure your brain and nervous system stay healthy.

B12 is hard to absorb so we went right to Methylcobalamin, the form that’s easiest to absorb and is instantly taken up into the brain and nervous system.

We care about you but we also care about ourselves and we take TianChi everyday. Seeing how the whole country is suffering from brain related issues rooted in nutritional deficiencies, it was really a no-brainer (no pun intended) to add it to the drink!

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