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United States of Addiction

It’s sad to say but it looks like we are headed toward another U.S. record; the amount of people dying of drug addiction. In 2015 we officially passed the total amount of Americans killed in the Vietnam War – 50,000. The official number of drug related deaths is 52,000 with 33,000 of those directly related to opiates. By comparison, the number of people dying from AIDS has never come close to these numbers.

The problem is related to two things; pharmaceutical companies and their relentless pursuit of sales at all cost, and the general addicted population who were ripe for the picking.

Now I’m not bashing drug companies because I’m in the health field. I’m just stating a fact that has been reported in every major news publication. It’s a sad story of greed and lack of regulation but it’s the truth. Our medical system has played a role in taking advantage of our already addicted public.

Already addicted? Yes I would say even without the current opiate problem we are probably the most heavily addicted population in the history of the world. No one else even come close. Don’t think so? Try a day without sugar, fast food, TV or surfing the internet. Sure we rely on the internet for work and information but the rest are habits that most Americans have become enslaved with. I listed them in order because I believe sugar is the one addiction that surpasses them all and is at the root of all addiction.

It’s common knowledge sugar cocaine and most other drugs affect the same pleasure center in the brain and it’s all related to dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure, drive, brain power, cravings and sugar addiction. Basically being addicted to sugar sets you up for the big fall. A new crisis emerges in your life, a pill or drink makes you feel better and then slowly but surely you are headed down the road to a deeper addiction.

I’m someone who has been through it all, having slowly unwound my way to where I’m at today. One of the things missing in most rehab programs is looking at how to actually nourish the brain and make it easier to handle the addictions in life. Addiction wouldn’t be so easy to fall into if the person didn’t already have a brain that’s starving for nutrients. With that statement I’ve just described most of the U.S. population.

The most important decision I’ve made in the last ten years for my own health was shifting my focus to taking care of my brain. Along with my herb program I’ve added nutrients that directly feed my brain and keep it in peak condition. I take supplements for dopamine and acetylcholine production and have adjusted my diet accordingly.

Nutrients like methylfolate, methycobalamin, and choline are essential for brain health and severe deficiencies may present themselves as symptoms of mental illness. Our population as a whole is dangerously deficient in these basic substances needed for mental health and wellbeing. Is it so surprising that we fall prey to sugar fast food and drugs when we don’t even know what it feels like to feel good without them?

I’m lucky that I have a company like HerbWorks to make a great brain formula like TianChi that covers my basic needs. I know anything else I might require can be built around that basic program. No matter what your health issue is, including addiction, take the first step now to get some help, get healthy and feed your brain.

-Roger Drummer

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