Using Herbs and Nutrients to Energetically Balance Your Brain

Herbs and nutrients can both be used to energetically balance the brain. Adaptogenic herbs not only relieve stress, they also bring the energetic focus to the frontal lobe – the center of brain coherence and coordination for the rest of the brain.

The majority of people spend too much time in survival mode because of stress, and this creates a lack of communication between all aspects of the brain.

Certain nutrients such as DMG (dimethyglycine), a nutrient that improves oxygen utilization and athletic performance, also directly energizes the frontal lobe. Combined with ashwagandha, rhodiola and reishi in TianChi, the formula relieves stress and helps create a brain pattern that makes it easier to reside in the frontal lobe.

If the energetic focus of the brain is centered in the frontal lobe it’s easier to experience improved focus, creativity, imagination and willpower. It’s also easier to have a proper response to stress.

There’s nothing wrong with stress, the problem is when you’re locked into it and the stress becomes chronic. This means you’re not flowing out of the response but are constantly stuck in stress mode. You’ve lost the feedback loop that tells your body it’s over and time to recuperate.

Life is more fun when life becomes about enjoying your experiences instead of just reacting to stress.

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