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23 Recover from Coronavirus

23 Recover from Coronavirus

As the world scrambles for an answer for the coronavirus, the Chinese have gone back to basics using Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). 

TCM has been around for centuries and is becoming more and more accepted in the west. Traditional Chinese medicine is a type of holistic and natural medicinal system that has been in use for over two thousand years. It is designed to stimulate the healing mechanisms of the body and can bring many health benefits to you both physically and psychologically.

Some of the top benefits of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) include:

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improves muscle strength and flexibility
  • Protects and improves cognitive health
  • Improves the quality of sleep

At HerbWorks, we don't claim to cure the coronavirus, but we do know the power of adaptogenic herbs. We take pride in being leaders in the industry, providing some of the highest quality adaptogenic formulas that help balance all the energy centers in your body and your brain.

We thought that you would be interested in this article on how traditional Chinese medicine has had a positive impact on the coronavirus and help you understand the power of these amazing herbs. Click here to read the article.

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John Zatkovich

Pretty interesting article. A good testament for Tian Chi. I wonder what herbs they did use. I’m sure u could find that out Roger!?!

John Zatkovich

Where can you buy these TCM’s like the ones they are using to successfully treat the Corona virus? Link?

John Zatkovich

Love the new packaging for TianChi!

John Zatkovich

but they don’t say that “concoctions” they used! I am so happy that they worked.

John Zatkovich

I absolutely believe TCM is the right way to go.

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