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Are You Genetically Modified?

Are You Genetically Modified?

By now you should already know about the dangers of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). The increase in inflammation, consumption of pesticides, etc...

Even if you avoid GMO food by going organic, you still may be part of an even larger experiment with genetic modification - one that’s going on with most of the population.

It’s called sleep deprivation and most of our nation experiences it. I’m not talking about extremes either but something as simple as only getting 6 hours of sleep.

A study shoed that in just one week of sleeping 6 hours a night, over 200 genes were modified. The ones that were down regulated—meaning you lost certain normal function, were related to immune function. The ones that were up regulated—meaning they went into hyper drive, were related to increasing tumor growth.

Basically your immune system can shut down and your cancer cells get a boost. What I just described happened in one week, following a sleep pattern that is close to being the reality for the majority of Americans over their entire lifespan.

We can be avoiding GMO food and genetically modifying ourselves just through loss of sleep.

Are you sleeping enough?

Sleep deprivation, no matter how trivial the amount, causes the body to go into fight-or-flight, priming you for an epigenetic shift toward disease expression.

Combine that with poor food choices, which are automatic when you don’t sleep, and it’s easy to see how sleep contributes to obesity and diabetes.

Develop either and you’re on the road to countless chronic health conditions. I think we all need to understand the role of sleep and properly handle it.

HerbWorks makes great products for stress & brain - Inner Peace and TianChi, but unless you’re sleeping well it’s still like swimming upstream. 

If this turns on the light of reflection about your own slumber habits, it’s never too late to do something about it.

Start the process now with our formula Sleep and Recover. It works, my family loves it and yours may too. You'd be surprised how awesome you feel after you finally get a full night's sleep.

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