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Coping with COVID-19

Coping with COVID-19

Learning to cope is an essential part of life. We all have to deal with stress, but pandemics are a different breed of stress - creating uncertainty, which rolls right into fear. 

One of the best strategies you could be implementing right now to keep you healthy and optimistic is taking herbal adaptogens like rhodiola, reishi and ashwagandha which are found in Inner Peace and TianChi.  

Rhodiola is especially important right now. It not only improves immunity, it protects your lung cells from hypoxia - or lack of oxygen, a common problem with the coronavirus. 

All of the major adaptogenic herbs we use in HerbWorks’ formulas influence your body’s ability to use oxygen. Another major tonic that we feature is astragalus, used for centuries as an immune tonic and energy booster.

One of the most common mistakes made during times of added stress is throwing caution to the wind, and doing whatever it is that gives us immediate relief. 

Alcohol and ice cream are not the answer, as this is a time when we should be limiting both. When the prefrontal cortex shuts down during stress and is unable to adapt, we go into fight-or-flight. 

We lose the ability to remain adaptable to our circumstances. Avoiding panic is easier when we stick to a plan of good nutrition and herbs. 

Adaptogens are nature's perfect food

Adaptogens are nature’s perfect food to keep your body and brain from going into HPA Axis dysregulation and descending into fear.  

The prefrontal cortex is your control center, which allows you to be in control of making good decisions that will impact your future. 

The hypothalamus/pituitary glands rule this part of the brain, but during stress it’s often our amygdala that kicks in, the impulse part of our brain that demands ice cream or alcohol. 

The amygdala only cares about right now. What determines who takes over wins the battle during stress? That’s determined by your overall health and if you’ve prepared your brain for the demands of stress. 

Protecting yourself

Nothing could prepare you for the enormity of this 2020 pandemic. But even in times like these, protecting yourself and making sure you emerge from this crisis, health comes down to self-care and making good decisions. 

The best strategy for everyone is to let go of what isn’t under your direct control and to focus on what it is you can do right now. 

Turn your focus inward, care for your family and friends, and make the effort to take control of your health.

COVID-19may be causing a seemingly unending amount of stress, but surviving it still comes back to caring for yourself with adaptogenic herbs and nutrition, a recipe for success during any crisis.


John Zatkovich

I have been taking TianChi and Inner Peace for
10 days. Was locked into stress and anxiety. My
whole world has changed since taking these
products. Also Sleep and Recover and Herb
Comlex. Can not thank Roger and Zack enough!!!

John Zatkovich

What helps produce or improve surfactain in the lungs?

John Zatkovich


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