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Coronavirus Protocol from Roger Drummer

Coronavirus Protocol from Roger Drummer

Hand washing and social distancing....conventional medicine’s approach to COVID-19 are suboptimal, to say the least!  At HerbWorks, we take health very seriously and would like to share some important information with you.

We would like to share a program that Roger Drummer, the knowledgeable and intuitive formulator of HerbWorks' unique and effective products, has put his family on to keep their immune systems strong and help protect them from the COVID-19.  I don’t know about you, but I trust in what Roger has to say based on his extensive knowledge in the health industry.

Disclaimer: HerbWorks recognizes that supplements have profound health and wellness benefits, but we do not claim that any products prevent, treat or cure illnesses or diseases, including COVID-19.

Here’s what Roger Drummer has to say...

"In my opinion, my research has shown that a specific combination of micronutrients can support and enhance the immune system.  I have put my entire family on this program and wanted to share it with you in the hopes that it can offer you some practical tools and support.  While this is not based on Coronavirus science, it is a common-sense approach to help counteract any viral infection.

To understand how this works we need to consider how this virus manifests and its possibility for creating secondary infections in the respiratory system. It also seems to move very quickly, making it extremely important that you make the decision NOW to protect yourself by building a layer of protection in your own body.

Remember…there is nothing in modern medicine to treat this at this time. I am not saying that the program I put my family on is a cure, but it may help strengthen your immune system to help deal with the situation.

It all comes down to your own immune system and how strong your own defenses are. This program is simple and yet may have a profound effect on your response to the symptoms specific to this virus.

The program that I put my family on consists of the following supplements listed below and can be used by anyone to help support the immune system.  The doses outlined are for individuals who are currently not presenting with symptoms.   Should symptoms arise, the supplement can be adapted by increasing frequency and doses, also outlined below.



Mushroom Complex

Mushroom Complex by HerbWorks

  • 4 capsules daily
  • Increase to 8 capsules daily if symptomatic

This is a product made by HerbWorks and has the added bonus of containing baicalin, an herb that historically has potent antiviral effects in Chinese medicine – making it a unique mushroom formula!  One of the best general immune builders, mushrooms have the ability to give a quick boost to immune function.  The suggested dose on the bottle is 4 capsules a day, but I recommend doubling the suggested dose during this time.

NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine)

NAC by Now Supplements*

  • 1200-1500mg 2x/day
  • Increase to 3x/day if symptomatic

This is an amino acid derivative that boosts glutathione production in the lungs and liver.  Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant, boosting immunity and lowering inflammation. NOW makes a great version of NAC with some added selenium.


L-Lysine by Now Supplements*

  • 600 -1200 mg  2x/day
  • Increase to 3x/day if symptomatic

L-Lysine is an amino acid, when taken on an empty stomach, tends to interfere with viral replication.It is inexpensive and easy to find.  Both Lysine and NAC are amino acids and need to be taken on an empty stomach, away from protein food.  They can be taken with other herbs, but if taken with protein, they become part of the food protein and lose their effectiveness.

Liposomal Vitamin C
  • 1000mg daily
  • 3000mg daily if symptomatic
This form of Vitamin C is my first choice. It is fat-soluble and better absorbed.  It is also more expensive, but worth it if it can be in your budget The best come in liquid form, either in individual packets or an 8-16oz bottle. Here are two choices of liposomal vitamin C that I recommend:
Platycodon and Fritillary
  • 5-6 capsules 3-4x a day
Last but not least is a Chinese herb formula used to deal with lung conditions caused by infection and heat. It moistens the lungs and helps you to expectorate, clearing the return of normal lung function. It’s called Platycodon and Fritillary and is a formula that I always have on hand. It only needs to be used if you feel like you have something, but you don’t want to wait to order it once you get it. Platycodon and Fritillary is made by Jing Herbs, which I found to be the best quality and best price.

*Be sure all of the above are taken together. NAC also works wonders with lung infections. Both Lysine and NAC are amino acids and need to be taken on an empty stomach, away from protein food. They can be taken with other herbs, but if taken with protein they become part of the food protein and lose their effectiveness.

*The product links above are only suggestions...there are several brands of each on Amazon and at your local supplement store.

Fear is not healthy ever, so please, stay informed about the facts so you can make the right decisions for you and your family. 

Roger will be doing a podcast in the next couple of days. Please subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss it. 


Please leave your comments and questions below so they can be addressed on the upcoming podcast.


John Zatkovich

Thanks so much for the information . I ordered my suppliments and recieved them. I am surprised to find a California Prop65 warning on the L-Lysine bottle. After searching the Prop65 Warning web site, I can’t find any info about L-Lysine. Has anyone else had this experience? I’d be interested to have Rogers take on this. Also if one takes the Tian Chi, which has mushrooms, is that adequate and therefore not necessary to also take the mushroom product

John Zatkovich

Are all of these safe to take while pregnant? Thank you

John Zatkovich

Roger thank you for sharing some additional options to give us some simple alternatives to boost our immune system! Information and facts will reduce the fear associated with this disease.

John Zatkovich

Roger, are most of these herbs safe for someone with a heart condition. I have a couple of stents, but feel fine and am healthy otherwise. Thank you.

John Zatkovich

I have been on the mushroom complex since it was introduced. Appreciate the information on additional supplements which are important to take. Will follow through ASAP as it seems that the world if out of many things in these challenging times. Many thanks for these important additions, Roger.

John Zatkovich


Should these products be taken in addition to the vitamins and supplements that I already take daily?

John Zatkovich

Thanks you Roger.
I am a friend of Joan C in PA, and have tuned into you for years. Your suggestions and explanations have changed my health & my life.
💞Offering you love & heartfelt condolences💞.

John Zatkovich

Dear Roger & family. Blessings to the girls & you Roger. Were so blessed to share ours lives with a dear one, even for such a short time. Hope time will help a little with your pain.

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