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COVID-19: Preparing for Battle

COVID-19: Preparing for Battle

As with every crisis, those locked into fear tend to stop thinking freely and rarely look for clues of how to help themselves. 

However, there are many ways that you can be proactive and help protect yourself just through basic nutrition and herbs. It’s unfortunate, but most conventional medicine does not take nutrition into account when treating an illness.

Adaptogenic herbs and minerals like zinc are not medicines to treat cancer or viral pandemics, but they are substances that allow your body and immune system to regulate itself and prepare it for battle. 

Here’s what Roger Drummer has to say about it...

In times like this, your body and it’s own inherent immunity and vitality is often your first and last defense against the unknown. Your body knows what to do, given it has the right fuel to do it. 

The CDC recently released the following statement:

Of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the CDC study, 89.3% had underlying medical conditions. The most common of those was hypertension, in 49.7% of patients, followed by obesity, chronic metabolic disease (like diabetes), chronic lung disease (like asthma) and cardiovascular disease.

My belief is that the conventional medical default mechanism doesn’t take into account nutritional status for treating illness. Even when noticing the high percentage of those most affected by the virus also have preexisting conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, lung issues, and poverty. 

What do this group of people all have in common? 

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Inflammation 

  • Insulin resistance

So how does the body regulate inflammation?  It does it with nutrition. 

All of these pre-existing conditions accelerate the utilization of minerals and vitamins. Combined with a poor diet, you’re left with a body that’s running on empty. 

A new virus comes along and there’s nothing left to respond and regulate immune function.  This is what is referred to as a cytokine storm, the event that is occurring in the people who are getting severely ill or dying.

There is a lot of talk about cytokine storms raging out of control. Cytokines are a messenger cell and a normal part of our immune function. Cytokine storms are produced when an overburdened system no longer has the substances needed to regulate itself and gets out of hand. 

One example is the common mineral, zinc. It’s involved in almost every cellular function of your immune system and zinc deficiency leads to impaired immune function and excessive inflammation. 

One of the most common signs of zinc deficiency is loss of sense of smell. Interestingly, one of the earmark common symptoms of COVID-19 is loss of sense of smell!   

Inflammation and excessive inflammatory cytokines decrease with supplemental zinc. In fact it has been used successfully to treat severe pneumonia, a similar description of what’s happening to victims of the viral pandemic. 

Psychological Stress

Psychological stress and insulin resistance also have a role in nutritional deficiencies by creating a state of constant low-grade inflammation with inflammatory cytokines.

Not surprisingly, adaptogens have been shown to regulate  phases of excessive cytokine expression by dealing with one of the root causes—psychological stress. 

Adaptogenic herbs are unique because they go to the source of stress, the response itself, and the tension resulting from it. 

Adaptogens can help to regulate the HPA Axis, which allows the body to flow into and back out of a stress response.

I’ve had first-hand experience with this. When I had a Stage 3 cancer, I attacked it with adaptogenic herbs to help regulate insulin, blood sugar and inflammation. That was the basis of my program in which I believe helped me to be cancer free.  

So, what are the 3 best things you can do for your health?  The answer is always the same:  

  1. Control stress

  2. Regulate blood sugar 

  3. Increase your nutrition

These are all things that can be impacted by diet and using adaptogens.

I wanted to share the importance of how missing something so common can wreak havoc on your immune function, and how skipping the basics can have dire consequences. 

Managing  stress and taking specific nutrients, even if it’s a multivitamin, are the real building blocks of health. 

Relieve Stress Naturally

During this pandemic, I’ve personally upped my consumption of Inner Peace, to naturally manage my stress and feel confident that this is providing the foundation needed at this time. 

Hopefully, this can show us the importance of maintaining our overall health and well-being at all times, and not just during a global pandemic. 

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