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It's All Vibration

It's All Vibration

Humans are vibratory beings and anything that disrupts the normal vibration field can set you up to experience a lack of vitality. This probably sounds too New Age, but it’s really as scientific as most things we take for granted in medicine. Everyone knows that to strengthen your bones you have to do weight bearing exercise.

It’s the stress on the bones that cause an effect of building new cells to strengthen the bones. But how exactly does walking, lifting weights, or running accomplish this? Collagen fibers stimulate bone growth by creating its own electrical currents called piezoelectricity.

These tiny sparks of electrical current are produced by stressing collagen (exercise) to stimulate bone cells called osteoblasts, to lay down more bone. When you stress your collagen through weight bearing exercise, the areas stressed the most produce the most electrical charge. This charge is picked up by the osteoblasts, which start laying down new crystals on the collagen fibers. The more the physical stress the more the charge, until the crystals strengthen the bone.

The piezoelectricity is a function of all cells in the body and one of the ways cells communicate. This vibratory charge is a scientific fact, not some crazy idea. It’s just simpler to tell people to exercise for bone health than actually explain it. Every cell has an energy field that influences every cellular action. The main disruptors to this field are stress, competing energy frequencies, and lack of nutrition.

There’s a lot of argument over whether cell phones cause health problems but it’s a known scientific fact the frequency of cell phones disrupts the normal cellular energy pattern. Anytime this happens the cell is compromised, opening the door to disease states to develop.

Lack of Nutrition

Lack of nutrition can do the same thing. We are physical beings and need physical substances to fulfill certain cellular needs and if it’s lacking, the vibratory field of that cell suffers. If you could breeze through life without emotional stress, you might be able to withstand the other insults to your cellular health. Emotional stress is the elephant in the room when it comes to compromising health and the human energy field. You see, our field isn’t just generated at the cellular level.

We actually have centers that allow movement in and out of our field and influence our daily behavior. Blocking these makes all of the other cellular insults much worse. That’s exactly what chronic emotional stress does to you. To combat the effect of emotional stress you have to use something that works on the glands in the brain associated with the centers controlling the flow of energy.

Certain adaptogenic herbs work wonders on this system - calming nervous tension and energizing the brain centers. Just like the body needs a precise movement and nutrients, these centers need a precise formula of adaptogens to allow for shutting down stress and opening the floodgates of energy. 

Opening Energy Centers

Inner Peace and TianChi can both open the energy centers connected to the glands of the HPA-axis that controls stress. Only certain herbs can do that, but once it happens you’re ability to reduce stress and influence brain function goes to another level.

You may not have thought about it this way but herbs, meditation, energy work, kindness, and compassion are all forms of vibrational medicine. Every one of them adds to the whole of your state of vibration, allowing for homeostasis to do its job.

There’s nothing like a crisis to break down the walls we all build around us and open us up to the possibilities of healing.


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