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Love, Fear, and Isolation - Dealing with COVID-19

Love, Fear, and Isolation - Dealing with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has stoked all of our fears about survival. For some, isolation feeds fear. Others go inward and look for ways of being of service. All of us can only express what’s hidden in our hearts, so don’t let your current situation cloud yours over.

How you are feeling emotionally? Emotions have such an impact on your physical/mental health, and adaptogens are a true powerhouse when it comes to your overall well-being.

One of the most remarkable things about adaptogens is their ability to support the emotional body.

Most people consider adaptogens from the perspective of what they can do to help with physical symptoms and stress, but did you know, they also play an integral role in affecting your emotions?

Here’s what Roger Drummer has to say...

I doubt anyone in the world has managed to be unaffected by COVID-19. Social distancing and isolation are the new norm, something humans aren’t particularly good at.

Throw in a good dose of fear and you have the making of a real crisis - one that may be worse than getting the virus itself.

When people feel threatened, their hearts shut down and their brains revert to full-on stress and survival mode. Once that happens, your immune system shuts down with it.

Protecting Your Health

It’s one thing to protect your health by eating better, taking supplements for added immune protection and self-quarantining, but if you’re stuck in fear and stress, you'll need to deal with those as well.

I had the realization about a month ago that I had to do something to prevent my heart from shutting down completely. My wife Laura passed away in February,  leaving me physically and emotionally wasted.

Laura and I were not only together for 30 years of life, love, and kids, but shared a Yogic/Tantric relationship that kept us entwined on every level. When she passed,  I not only lost the love of my life, but my energy partner. It was as if she took half my aura with her when she left.

This isn’t unusual if you’re aware of how energy works. She really had my back and was my greatest defender in life. I lost my shield, and my heart. 

I soon realized I had to do something heart-opening to keep from shutting down. I came up with a plan to get out in public in some capacity, to do healing work and interact with people. Then the pandemic hit,  and as we all know, going out in public and interacting is not currently on the agenda.

Handling Stress with Adaptogens

So what did I do to handle the nearly six months of relentless stress I’ve been under, and to not succumb to the pain?  Well, actually it was our own HerbWorks formulas. The same adaptogens I’ve been using for years and years - Inner Peace and TianChi.

Inner Peace became my daily tonic, and I don’t know how I would have made it through without it.  It keeps me even-keeled and open-hearted, in touch with my emotions, allowing me to feel and express my grief.

Crying is easier with an open heart and I’ve done a lot of it. That doesn’t mean everyone who is stressed needs to cry, but grief is stored in the lungs and your heart chakra rules over that area of the body. Unexpressed grief will just lead to health issues further on down the road.

Adaptogens have an uncanny ability to always move the body toward wholeness and balance.

We use heart-opening herbs like albizzia and polygala in Inner Peace and TianChi for just that reason. This just might mean clearing out old unexpressed emotions, something a majority of humans carry around. 

Fear and Survival

If you’re feeling shut down and stuck, it’s a good sign stress is shutting down your heart, and your brain is soon to follow. Adaptogens can help to keep you from shutting down and recover quickly. 

It's also a good idea to take the time and connect with friends over Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to help with fear and isolation. (Connect with me on Facebook here!)

I look back at my last 6 months and I’m shocked I haven’t gotten sick. Usually, if you combine extreme stress, lack of sleep, and heartache you can be assured of getting really sick along the way - but that hasn’t happened.

I attribute all of that to my herbal program of self-help, self-love, and to Inner Peace and TianChi.



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John Zatkovich

Roger, thank you for sharing your wisdom and feelings. I feel this artical helped me take a look at my own situation in a new light.
I drink TianChi daily, and have for many years. Looks like it’s important for me to add Inner Peace to my daily reign. Hugs, LK

John Zatkovich

Great Roger
Your report touched me very much
Love from Reinhold (Germany)

John Zatkovich

Great Roger
Thanks for this Blog


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