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The adaptogens in TianChi are considered nature's perfect food. These amazing herbs provide your body and brain with optimal nutrients to create "Real Energy".

The beauty of adaptogenic herbs is that they influence all of the energy centers of your brain and have a direct effect on reducing inflammation to help balance your HPA-axis.

Sleep and Recover

Sleep and Recover™ is designed to help you fall asleep naturally and release human growth hormones maximizing the body’s potential to restore and repair.

The first hour and a half of deep sleep are when your body releases this growth hormone and initiates the restorative process in your brain.

Inner Peace

When you have a stress response, the health of your HPA-axis determines how quickly you recover from stress and how quickly your body returns to normal functioning.

By shutting off the stress mechanism deep inside your brain, Inner Peace will help you relax and unwind allowing you to positively flow through your day.

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