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Podcast HW_07 – Coping with ADD/ADHD

Did you know that nervous system disorders are on the rise, with over 10% of the population being classified as having ADD or ADHD?

Although ADD/ADHD is a real medical condition involving an under active frontal lobe of the brain, advanced coping techniques may point you in the right direction for yourself and your family. Awareness of the full range of causes is the best prevention, as numerous nervous system disorders are environmentally caused and can start in the womb.

Existing methods of treatment usually include powerful drugs associated with unwanted long-term side effects. In fact, many of the prescribed drugs currently in use have been shown to work exactly like street drugs, and may be just as addictive. There are much safer protocols, provided you learn about therm.

As with many alternative methods, few people are aware that they exist. Training the brain and utilizing nutritional formulas can change the brain, creating balance and a healthy communication between all parts of the brain.

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  1. Whenever I am in a bad mood or just a bit stressed light exercise always improves my mood (although it
    does this even if i’m in a good mood). I personally love yoga,
    but walking is great too. Especially since I
    can take my daughter along. I love reading, it tends to get
    me out of my head when I am stressed.

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