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Inner Peace


Experience a Greater Sense of Well-being

When you have a stress response, the health of your HPA-axis determines how quickly you recover from stress and how quickly your body returns to normal functioning. By shutting off the stress mechanism deep inside your brain, Inner Peace will help you relax and unwind allowing you to positively flow through your day. Inner Peace is designed to:

Relieve Stress
Calm Your Nervous System
Support Adrenals
Reduce Anxiety & Panic Attacks

It's all about your HPA-axis

Being overwhelmed in situations and simply trying to avoid them can be just as much of a stressor and create a lack of energy…especially brain fog.

In order to overcome stress and allow your body and brain to perform at its best, you must address the root cause. Recovering from a stress response is dependent upon the state of your HPA-axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis) which rules your internal regulating energy.

 Inner Peace helps balance the energetic state of your HPA-axis so it's not launched into a state of chaos and gives you a better chance to recover from stressful situations.

Adrenal Recovery is the Key

Peak performance depends on adrenal’s more important than the activity itself. Recovery is essential if progress is to be made.

Every activity in life requires energy. You’re either using it or rebuilding it. Rest and adrenal recovery are essential to staying sharp at the office or building muscle after a hard workout. The adaptogenic herbs in Inner Peace will create a flow of energy back into your adrenals which are crucial for recovery.
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