Reishi – The Mushroom of Immortality

Reishi mushroom is considered the ultimate herbal substance in Chinese herbology. It is a potent immune system modulator, detoxes the liver, cleans the blood, and clears the mind. Reishi is also famous as the most beneficial herb for Shen or “spirit” and is often referred to as the “Mushroom of Immortality.”

I know and love the famous quote about achieving immortality by not dying, but I think the ancient Taoists that gave reishi its name were talking about something else. Taoist practices involved deep meditation and energy work designed to make you one with the golden light within. The best description of reishi comes from the First century Taoist philosopher Wang Ch’ung:

“They dose themselves with the germ of gold and jade,
eat the finest fruit of the purple polypore fungus.
By eating what is germinal their bodies are lightened,
and so they are capable of spiritual transcendence.”

For all of its amazing properties and effects on the physical level, I love reishi for it’s energetic properties and how it creates the space for transformation. At HerbWorks we use it in TianChi and Inner Peace as the lead herb. Reishi creates an energetic response similar to meditation and puts the mind in touch with the realm of possibilities that surround us all. Not to mention it’s also a great immune system tonic!

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